Redefining how you learn music.

Plug+Play is about creating the musicians of the future.  You’ll get playing as a band right from the start and learn how to play or sing through a unique combination of weekly band coaching and specialist skills sessions – all designed to fast-track your progress and have you owning the stage in no time! 
No experience needed.  All you need is a dream to make music.

Playing as part of a band is at the heart of your Plug+Play membership. From week 4, you’ll play and rehearse was a band every week and receive coaching from professional, gigging musicians.  Using specially crafted arrangements to match your skill level, you’ll perform music you know and love by the likes of Billy Eilish, Dua Lipa, the White Stripes, T-Rex and The Weeknd.  Band sessions take place during term time and you’ll be able to access up to 36 sessions over the academic year. 


Depending on what has been agreed with your school, band sessions may take place in school or online. 

Starting straight away, your weekly Plug+Play Skills Session provides you with the specialist instrumental/vocal skills and techniques you need to perform in a band. Sessions are based on groups of 3 students and take place during the school day.  Your Plug+Play membership includes 36 sessions a year.


Depending on the agreement with your school, instrument/vocal sessions may be face to face or online.

One of the best parts of being in a band is gigging and performing.  From live gigs to online performances in digital venues, there’ll be regular opportunities for your band to perform as part of your Plug+Play membership.  And of course, you’ll be able to grow your following promoting and inviting guests to your gigs.

We know that you’ll love being in a band and playing your instrument or singing.  That is why we are creating Plug+Play OnDemand so you can do more of it, when you want it.  With 365 day access, Plug+Play OnDemand is a digital hub where members are able to access backing tracks, tutorials, videos, music and tips and tricks from the pros.

Industry Insights provides Plug+Play members with access to guest artists and industry experts. These insights could be instrument specific, focussed on how to develop your band playing even further or to help you explore the wider music industry.  The sessions could cover everything from nailing that Led Zeppelin guitar riff to how to get better stage sound to how to get a record deal and everything in between.

Working in a group of three, your Plug+Play Membership includes 36 specialist instrument/vocal skills sessions a year.  If you choose, you can upgrade your membership at any time and have a bolt on 1:1 skills session.  If you prefer, you can upgrade to Plug+Play Premium and have regular 1:1 sessions too. 

Band Coaching
Skills Sessions
On Demand
Industry Insights

We know that when you start playing you’ll want to get better and better, honing your skills, building your stage presence, making sure that your band is tight.  Designed by professional musicians, expert educators and grounded in modern pedagogy, with Plug+Play’s built-in fast-track programme, your playing will rocket!  You’ll be able to monitor your progress as you move through the ‘Hit Points’ and see exactly where you’re going and what you’ll be exploring next.

Plug+Play is about creating the musicians of the future.  It has been designed to make sure that your playing and band skills keep getting better and fit in with all of the main exam frameworks.  Along the way, Plug+Play members will be able to take grade exams with Trinity Rock and Pop, Rockschool, or MTB.  Plug+Play can also be a route to GCSE music too, fulfilling the requirement of your solo and ensemble performance.  However, we also know that exams and working towards grades aren’t for everyone.  For us, having fun making music and playing in a band is the biggest goal.  

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